A project belonging to the “Raptor Projects Conversions”, in collaboration with Robert McFarlane ShipDesign. With the perfect balance between luxury, functionality and efficiency, Kestrel will enable her owners and guests to explore the most remote areas of the planet with the best comfort and safety. The exterior design respect the original hull and takes shape from the “Form follows function” principle, throught a few simple lines that give her a minimal and elegant look, with a cost-efficient design.


The interior design reflect an “industrial style”, revisited in a contemporary way. The interiors preserve the soul of the original vessel, without sacrificing luxury and refinement of materials. Lines are clean and minimal when textures and matericity truly come to life, in a fluid balance with the surrounding environment. We recreated a domestic and warm atmosphere, where owners can benefit from every comfort and amenities onboard, feeling home and safe even in the most remote areas of the planet.

Interior design:
Exterior design:
Naval arch:
McFarlane ShipDesign