Slovenian Marriage Traditions

Many Slovak marriage customs perhaps seem foreigners familiar, but Slovaks truly do appreciate them The ceremony should look beautiful, and if something does n’t look good on camera, they are n’t afraid to retake it. This is what is most important to them. Ethnologist Zuzana Jakubikova told The Slovak Spectator,” It’s like filming: if the scene does n’t turn out well, you just film it again.”

In a ceremony known as pytacky, grooms used to go to the couple’s parents to ask for her slovakian mail order bride hand in marriage. However, the bridegroom would have to carry out a number of things to demonstrate his devotion to her if her kids objected. Running a minefield, dancing with the entire town, and giving donations to her parents were some examples of this.

The” savojka” festival, in which the couple’s family gather to braid her tresses, is a tradition. This is a really heartfelt time as she prepares for her new living. The pair will then take the same bowl and knife of soup, indicating that they will be combining everything from now until the end.

Slovak honeymooners were usually required to even see a logs. People who needed lumber for cooking and heating, therefore they learned how to use a observed, which had practical roots. It’s a much more metaphorical work now, but it still helps them work together and grow in faith.

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